What is IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo is an asset management platform that helps organizations manage and maintain their physical assets, such as buildings, vehicles, and equipment. It provides a range of tools and features to help organizations track and optimize the performance of their assets, including:

  • Asset tracking and identification: Maximo helps organizations keep track of their assets, including their location, condition, and maintenance history.
  • Work management: Maximo provides tools to help organizations plan, schedule, and track maintenance and repair work on their assets.
  • Purchasing and inventory management: Maximo includes features for managing the purchase and replacement of assets, as well as tracking and controlling inventory levels.
  • Compliance and safety: Maximo helps organizations ensure that their assets are being used and maintained in a safe and compliant manner.
  • Analytics and reporting: Maximo provides a range of reporting and analytics tools to help organizations understand the performance and utilization of their assets.

Overall, IBM Maximo is designed to help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their asset management processes, and reduce the costs and risks associated with asset ownership.

How is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology different from Computer Engineering?

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) and Computer Engineering (CE) are both technical degrees that focus on the design and development of computer systems and software. However, there are some key differences between the two programs.

BSIT programs typically focus more on the practical applications of computing and information technology in business and industry. Coursework in a BSIT program may include topics such as database management, system analysis and design, computer networking, and web development.

On the other hand, CE programs tend to focus more on the hardware and software aspects of computer systems. Coursework in a CE program may include topics such as computer architecture, microprocessors, computer networks, and operating systems. CE programs may also include more math and science courses than BSIT programs.

In general, BSIT programs are more geared towards students who want to work in fields such as information systems, computer science, and management information systems, while CE programs are more suited for students who want to work in fields such as computer hardware design and software development.

Random Password Generator

PRO Version Features:
-randomly generate password
-save unlimited passwords
-select the characters to generate the password from
-search saved passwords
-add own password
-copy password to clipboard
-delete passwords
-edit notes for password
-generate numerical PIN

***Absolutely NO ADS, NO SPECIAL PERMISSIONS Required***

Your password is stored locally and we cannot help you recover it in case anything happens to your phone. The developer takes no responsibility for any lost or damage that may result from using this app.

Download Here:

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MySQL Dumpster


I encountered during the installation of one of my projects the difficulty of importing sql file to phpMyAdmin. A friend who is also working on his Java project, happened to have the same problem so I decided to write a program that will help you dump (import) sql file to phpMyAdmin. Of course, if you use phpMyAdmin, I’m sure you already know that it has a feature to import sql file. But in case you want to use a separate program to do that or you want to create an installation program for your system, then you can use this.

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Inquiries about Barangay Office Management System

Barangay Office Management System
Barangay Office Management System

I’m getting many inquiries about theĀ Barangay Office Management System asking me if I could send them the source code and documentation of the project. These are (obviously) from students who are working on their capstone projects (thesis).

Unfortunately, we worked countless days and nights to create the system and there is no way we’re going to give it to some lazy ass students for free. I mean, think about it. Would you give me something that you worked really hardĀ for free?

Hello world!

This is my very first post. I decided to start blogging again as I sometimes find myself looking for someone to discuss my projects with.

This blog will be about personal stuffs…mostly about my projects. If you are interested in technology and programming, I suggest you follow me.